Here are a few simple things you can do!

- Become a #refillNZ promoter in your local community - we are looking for people to help with this.
Let us know of your interest by clicking this link —> I want to help

- Reuse, refill, refuse, recycle

 - Refill, reuse –wash and reuse plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic food containers.

 - Recycle your plastic - plastic bottles are recycled in NZ at Flight Plastics, as is the soft plastic collected at the supermarkets ! 

- Check out “Use Your Own Cup” - these people are awesome environmental change-makers

- Refuse plastic when you can.

 - Approach your council to provide recycle bins on the streets.

 - Organise a beach clean-up :)

- Start plogging! (exercising while picking up rubbish)

- Any other ideas? Let us know! (click this link to get in touch)