In a land of taps and waterfalls, doesn’t it seem odd that bottled water is so common?

From a shared love of nature and the environment we got thinking - how can we encourage people to drink tap water and save Aotearoa from more un-necessary single-use plastic?

With inspiration from similar successful campaigns overseas, the idea was born - refillNZ. If cafe’s are happy to open their doors to the public, together we can create an incredibly accessible network of refill stations - almost overnight! Compare this to having to convince local authorities to install more public drinking fountains - something that would involve a lengthy process and a lot of money!

This is also good for cafe’s - for something that’s free, cafe’s get exposure and potential customers through their doors. And although there’s no expectation to buy anything, the reality is that many people may choose to buy a muffin or even better, to bring the whanau back later for brunch!

We know there are so many passionate people around Aotearoa that want to keep our country beautiful, so this campaign will spread to every town and city in through people power. We will expose the marketing myth that is bottled water and help to create a better future - we welcome you to be part of that.

Owain and Jill.

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Jill Ford

I'm an action woman who is passionate about making a difference! I have free dived for many years, all over the world and in that time seen the degradation of the marine environment. From plastic pollution to bleached coral. I been involved in many social and environmental movements. I have a strong background in events, marketing, business development, campaigns, stakeholder engagement and fundraising, and excited to apply this experience to refillNZ!


Owain John

Kia ora! I grew up in rural New Zealand and from an early age became a keen white-water kayaker. Whilst studying engineering, this passion led me to kayak many of NZ's most pristine rivers (and drink from them) - this has inspired to have real impact in the environmental space.